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Enjoy in your hand

As disclosed by its motto “Pursue Mutual Prosperity with Customers in Integrity and Practicality,” Kuo Kau seeks every opportunity to bring its success experience in Taiwan onto the global stage.

  • Slogan:Enjoy in your hand
  • Corporate Vision:Ranking among the world’s top 10 professional poker manufacturer
  • Core Values:Quality, Service, Innovation, Speed
  • Enjoy in your hand
  • Quality Guaranteed:Check on every step of production with strict quality standard & inspection.
  • Service First:Provide head-to-toe services to meet customer’s satisfaction.
  • Innovation on Top:Create innovative products and technology solutions.
  • Speed Ahead:Offer production speedup and on time delivery to help customers win business opportunities.

Besides the pursuit of long-growth and sustainable operation,Kuo Kau is committed to fulfilling our social responsibility by encouraging green product designs and participating in activities supporting minority groups.Believing that everyone in the society should work together to create an all-win situation, Kuo Kau is ready to play the role of an indispensable value-adding partner not only to its clients and suppliers but also to the society as a whole. We are aiming to make the world a better place to live in and bring people the happiness by our playing cards and other products.